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Safety Awareness Program


Covid-19 Mitigation Protocol (included as part of overall Safety Plan)


General Guidance

·       Wash Hands Often

·       If soap and water are not available use hand sanitizer

·       Players are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer

·       Should cover mouth and nose with Cloth Face Covering when around others

·       All players, coaches, volunteers and spectators should practice social distancing wherever possible


On-Field Guidance

·       No Handshakes/Personal Contact Celebrations

·       Managers/coaches/umpires and players should bring their own personal drinks to all team activities – labeled with the person’s name

·       No team shared beverages allowed

·       No sharing of any snacks or food


Personal Protective Equipment

·       All managers/coaches/volunteers/umpires should wear face coverings when in close contact areas – including dugouts

·       Players should not wear protective medical gloves on the field

·       Players are not required to wear a cloth face covering while on the field during game play

·       A player is permitted to wear a cloth face covering on the field based on a directive of medical provider/parent/guardian or caretaker


·       Managers/coaches and players should maintain social distancing in the dugout

·       Managers/coaches and players should wear a cloth face covering while in the dugout


·       Players should have their own helmet/gloves/bat and catcher’s equipment

o   Any division with a catcher, the catcher should provide their own personal gear and NOT share.

·       No equipment sharing, this includes hats, helmets, bats and gloves.

·       Players should not share towels/clothing or other items

Baseballs and Softballs

·       Should be rotated through every two innings. Defensive team provides the baseball for each half inning.

·       Umpires should limit their contact with ball

·       No spectators should retrieve foul balls


Spitting & Chewing

·       No seeds allowed

·       No gum allowed

·       Refrain from spitting


Game Operations and Umpire Guidance


·       Eliminate plate meeting if possible – if held minimum number of people

·       Maintain separation between individuals – no players

·       Everyone should wears face covering


Equipment Inspection

·       Umpires should avoid direct contact with equipment

·       If required – use hand sanitizer


Umpire Placement

·       It is the umpire’s discretion to be behind the mound or the catcher to call balls and strikes

·       Umpires are encouraged to wear face coverings while umpiring



Facility Fan and Administrative Guidance

Cleaning and Disinfecting

·       Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily and in between all facility uses

·       Spread out scheduling of practices and games

·       Schedule arrivals so that no large groups are congregating at one time

·       Determine current – County/State requirements for maximum number of people allowed to gather at one place

·       Allow time between games/practices for cleaning and disinfecting

Limiting Spectator Attendance

·       All spectators should follow social distancing

·       Members of the same family who traveled together may sit together

·       Face covering should be worn – avoid direct hand or other contact

·       Bringing your own seating or portable chairs is encouraged

·       Spectator should not attend a game/practice if they have an active Covid-19 infection/Fever or Cough/or a known direct contact with an individual testing positive for Covid-19


Public Restrooms

·       Only one individual permitted within the restroom at one time

·       Prior to and after any league activity restrooms should be disinfected


Concession Stands

·       Follow local/state guidance for operations

·       Wear face coverings and gloves at all times

·       Disinfect area regularly


Post Information

·       Display posters and signs throughout the complex to frequently remind visitors to take steps to prevent spread of Covid-19

o   Stay home if you are sick or do not feel well

o   Social Distancing



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