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21-SB-Coach Pitch

All Basic fundamentals of softball will be taught, including but not limited to: throwing, catching, fielding, base-running, and sliding. Any manager and coach not sure of the proper basics, are to contact the division director, the league development committee or the manager and coaches committee.


a.   All players will play a minimum of nine defensive outs. The player may not play one position for more than nine defensive outs.

b.   Players should be taught all positions in the infield and outfield.

c.   Both base coaches may be adults.

d.   The manager or coach will use pitching machine to their team from 35feet. The batter will receive 7 pitches to hit; three swinging strikes and the batter is out. After May 15th players can pitch and the opposing manager can have the pitcher removed at any time. There will be NO WALKS.

e.   No stealing, leading off base, but players can advance one base on an overthrown ball.

f.  A team can score a maximum of 5 runs per inning.

g.    Coaches are permitted in the outfield to instruct the fielders as long as one coach remains on the bench supervising the players.

h.    Only one base is permitted on an overthrow.

i.   All players are listed on one batting order.

j.    No scorebooks

k. The ninth player on the field will be a pitcher-fielder. After a play is made in the field the ball will be thrown to the pitcher-fielder, who will give it to the adult.