Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: My Little League player wants their own bat.  What do I need to know?

A: Little League organizations, Oxford LL included, typically provide bats, batting helmets and catcher's equipment, so it's not an imperative to buy a bat.  However, there is nothing more special than having your own bat.  Most places that sell bats know how to size a bat to your player and can be very helpful.  However, there is a list of Little League approved bats you should be aware of before you buy that real expensive bat just to find out they can't use it in a game.  Also, proper sizing is important.  Sizing in terms of length, weight and barrel size.  Length and weight are usually combined into a ratio number such as "-9" being heavier and "-11" being lighter relative to the length.  Generally, if you have your player hold the bat out in front of them with one arm they should be in good control of the bat not the bat in control of them.  Below is a suggested chart for bat lengths by age:
Bat Length (in)24-2626-2828-2930-3131-3232-3334

Before buying an expensive composite bat, check the Little League list of approved bats.  There is a moratorium against the use of composite bats that only applies to Baseball.  Softball Bats follow Rule 1.10 Click Here to review.  Little League International provides some guide lines, background and rules on bats used in Little League.  Click Here for the Bat Resource Page.


Q: What is the process for Registration?

A: The process we use is to first register on line at  There will be a button that actually takes you to a site called Jevin.  This is the tool we use to manage the league.  Once there, you will be asked to log in.  If you have registered before, simply enter your user name and password.  There is a link to use if you forgot your username or password.  Otherwise you will need to click on Create New Account.  Fill out the questions it asks for you the Adult.  You can add family members later.  Once you have created your account and added the family members, you can go to registration (if you have trouble finding it, click on MY PROFILE first).  Select the appropriate sport or activity in Step 1, the specific role or league in Step 2, and experience and skill level in Step 3.  Click Next and confirm the information in the popup window.  Under Waiver, check read and agree and click next. This brings you to the Payment section which is self explanatory.  One thing, though.  There is a deadline for payment if you choose to pay later.  If not paid by the deadline, your player will not be placed on a team.  If you are experiencing difficulties, arrangement can be made with the treasurer and player agent, but you have to make contact with us.  We don't bite....and it's all confidential.  


Q: What if I can't pay the full amount right now?

A: Oxford Little League is absolutely more that willing to work with anyone on payment.  We all have challenging times in our lives.  It is our hope that the kids don't loose an opportunity to play baseball or softball due to a financial hardship.  I you are in this situation please DO NOT DELAY in registering.  Select Pay Later and then contact us to make arrangements for payment.  Each situation is handled on a case by case basis.  However, you must make contact with us.  The best way to arrange payment options is to send email to  Failure to make arrangements will result in your player not being placed on a team.  Also, please note, that the mangers and coaches do not have the authority or responsibility to track your payment status.    


Q: I'm willing to coach or volunteer.  Do I need to register as well?

A: Yes, by registering, it assures you are covered under our insurance umbrella.  Also, All volunteers who come into direct contact with the kids must have a background check.  Part of your volunteer registration is giving us permission to conduct that background check.  It's FREE to be a volunteer and to get the background check.


Q: I've noticed the coaches wearing ID badges on lanyard, why?

A: This is our way of letting you (the parent) know that the person on the field working with your son or daughter is a registered and cleared Little League volunteer.  All of our volunteers, coaches, umpires, and managers must have a background check and be cleared by our board of directors.  NOTE: if a parent wants to help by preparing the field for a game or some other duty that does not require direct contact with the players, they do not need a badge or background check.


Q: I appreciate the fact that managers and coaches are volunteers, but what if I have a problem with my child's coach?

A: First, don't feel bad if you do have an issue or problem.  It's very common and usually easily resolved.  We recommend you first approach the team manager with your concern.  He or she is more than willing to listen.  Usually there is some sort of misunderstanding that can be cleared up.  Our coaches go through a scrupulous selection process and are given training in youth sports and Oxford LL's standards.  They should be open to your questions and voicing concerns when presented in a civil manor.  IF however, your situation is more complex, You may contact us confidentially by sending an email to or contact us directly through any of the board members.  Also, for every league, there is a director then a VP of Baseball and VP of Softball.  They are also great resources and your first line of help to resolve any issues.  We also appreciate any positive feedback you can provide. It's just as important to us to know our volunteers are doing a great job.


Q: Why can't we have paid umpires for all games and leagues? 

A: First, everyone must understand that Little League is rooted in volunteerism.  However, at some level, we do use paid umpires.  In both Baseball and Softball the Junior, Senior, and Big League all have paid umpires for their home games.  This is because the level of play is very demanding and demanding on game officials.  This also accounts for the increased cost to play at these levels.  If we paid umpires for Majors and below, we would have to pass that expense on to our patrons and may not see the real value.  Right now Oxford LL is one of the area's most reasonably priced baseball and softball programs avail.  We as a board can not justify the increased expense that would be required, nor do we believe we have a source of paid umpires that can handle the shear number of games.  Coaches, Managers, and other volunteers actually do very well umpiring a game at the Majors and below.  Although it is true that team managers are expected to umpire a game in addition to their Manager duties, we believe a team Manager should have the perspective of umpiring a game and always does have the option to find a volunteer replacement as long as they have attended the umpire clinic.  The more volunteer umpires we can get the better we all will fare and our kids will benefit.  The takeaway here too, is that Oxford Little League and our Umpire In Chief have a huge personal investment in making volunteer umpires work and make the best program they can for our youth.  We ask that you please be respectful of their efforts. 


Q: What is a waiting list and how does it work?

A: At the beginning of the year announcements for registration for the Spring Season are sent out and posted to the website.  Although we'd love to leave registration open longer, we are forced to close registrations in time to build the teams and get them registered with our district.  Once a league or level is full, based on the projected ability to field teams, we close registration.  After this point, we will still accept names for a waiting list.  This means that if a registered player drops out, we can then add a player from the waiting list.  Selection is done on a first come first serve basis.  If enough players in one level are posted to the waiting list, we will consider adding an additional team only if it can be done before in a reasonable time frame and if we have volunteers to manage and coach the team.  We know a lot of factors contribute to missing the registration window, but we have to cut off registrations in order to properly plan the season.  We encourage you to submit your name to the waiting list if you are at all interested in playing.  There are always player who drop for various reasons. We make every effort to place as many players as possible.